Nordic driving

Driving in Nordic Winter Conditions

Ice contributes to the most hazardous winter driving conditions; especially in the case of black ice. As temperatures increase during the day and then suddenly drop overnight melting ice and snow is refreezing and treacherous road conditions can be the result. The new Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Plus features specific design aspects to tackle these dangers.

Cornering, braking and uphill driving are the main challenges that drivers face in snowy conditions. The UltraGrip Ice Plus has been designed with these challenges in mind and features innovative design elements to help drivers tackle these driving conditions.

Warmer temperatures contribute to different types of winter road hazards. Water and especially slush on the road can cause aquaplaning which eliminates the contact between tire and road and leads to complete loss of control when driving. The UltraGrip Ice Plus design features are engineered to give drivers the tools they need to combat these wet road conditions.

Nordic winter driving conditions are quite often cold and dry, in which traditional winter tires often lack in performance. In cold temperatures, the UltraGrip Ice Plus ensures great driving performance on dry surfaces. Goodyear’s winter tire technology performs in every situation including when confronted with unexpected emergencies.